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Electronic reviews

For many years the scientific reviews have been using the web as a means to expand their range of users and to ensure the indexing within those databases that collect the most useful articles and submissions to the scientific community.

Nuova Cultura took as an example the management practice of a scientific journal paper and it has reproduced it in digital scale, so that the “system” was running independently in the web.

All the Nuova Cultura‘s electronic reviews use the OJS platform (Open Journal System), a CMS implemented through funding from the Canadian government, particularly suited for universities and research institutions who want to eliminate the heavy burden of the costs of publication. Indeed, this CMS reproduces in its control panel a real newsroom environment, where publishers can set up a real process of Peer Reviewing.

By focusing on the technical characteristics of the OJS platform we can list the following operational capabilities:

  • Creating and managing a website for the publication of periodicals in electronic format;
  • Creating and managing the editorial staff, through the assignment of typical roles such as Author, Reviewer, Editor, Publisher;
  • Complete management of the Submissions;
  • Reviewing Process Management;
  • Publication of articles in PDF according to the standard Open Archive Initiative;
  • Free download or with fee;
  • High visibility of the journal in the network;
  • Internal management of communications to the various users of the site (Newsletter, reminder of deadlines, call for papers);
  • Total management of subscriptions and subscription purchases for single item.
Nuova Cultura with the development of an Electronic Journal proposes the implementation of these services:

  • Design and publication of the journal platform “Open Journal System” (the ex-clusive property of the Publisher);
  • Web space dedicated;
  • Interactive Map of the journal;
  • Custom contact form;
  • User registration form;
  • Automatic form of revision;
  • Activation of subscriptions to the journal;
  • Marketing of the articles published on the web;
  • Creating static pages of the journal (About Us, Additional Info …);
  • Ranking and optimization on search engines;
  • Indexing and statistics of articles published;
  • Activating a form for donations to the Journal;
  • Contact page;
  • Page links.

Always careful to the aspects of management and maintenance, Nuova Cultura also offers an assistance service and training. One of our staff will prepare 10 hours of taught class to address the following topics:

  • Inserting editorial characteristics of the head;
  • Creating sections;
  • Creating files;
  • Inserting items;
  • Publication of the journal;
  • Inserting static pages;
  • Acquiring and managing articles from back-end;
  • Mapping of the process of articles’peer-review;
  • Gestione del processo di referaggio;
  • Final revision of the articles



To request a quote for the development of an Electronic Journal, please send an email to our sales department via this FORM and you will be contacted in a short time.