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Past forward

Chongqing, Shanghai and other Italian urban stories

by LU Shaoming, Anna Irene Del Monaco, Dina Nencini (a cura di)


This book is born from the will to undertake a joint research path on the general theme of transformation and renewal of urban contexts, deepening the case of historical Chinese and Italian cities. The research collected case studies and theoretical elaborations, focusing on the Chinese city of Shanghai and Chongqing and other Italian urban realities, filtering contents around thematic nodes such as memory, narration and reflection on new urban models. In particular, the initial idea emerged from shared reflections between Chinese and Italian scientific professors responsible for international agreements established between the Department of Architecture and the Design of Sapienza University of Rome and Chinese remarkable institutions. Indeed, the present research, promoted and directed by Dina Nencini, was joined by Anna Irene Del Monaco of Sapienza and Shaoming LU of Shanghai Jiaotong University.
The book directly and indirectly draws on a series of questions about the “memory work” walking a theoretical path which has a relevant milestone in Lieu de memorie (Pierre Nora 1984) and the 1996 Trienniale di Milano entitled “Identità, differenze: Triennale di Milano, XIX Esposizione internazionale: integrazione e pluralità nelle forme del nostro tempo: le culture tra effimero e duraturo” (Identity, Differences: Triennale of Milan, XIX International Exposition: Integration and plurality in the forms of our time: cultures between ephemeral and enduring).

LU Shaoming
Researcher/Professor of Architectural Design & Urban Design. Director, Institute of Urban Spatial Culture and Science. Department of Architecture, Shanghai Jiao Tong University. He studied at UCL London and published on Urban space and Culture.

Anna Irene Del Monaco
Assistant Professor in architectural and urban design (Sapienza University of Rome). She wrote essays on contemporary architecture and metropolis with special regard to the Chinese and African subcontinents. She also published works on the master of modern and contemporary architecture. Among her books: “Città e limes. Roma- Beijing- New York”.

Dina Nencini
Associate Professor (Sapienza University of Rome). Her research is mainly focused on the architectural construction, urban form and theories. She wrote essays about public space mainly related to Italian Architecture. She is Coordinator of DRACo PhD Course in Architecture and Construction.


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