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Rivista J-Reading n. 1-2018

Journal of research and didactics in geography

di Gino De Vecchis



  • Sirpa Tani, Hannele Cantell, Markus Hilander, Powerful disciplinary knowledge and the status of geography in Finnish upper secondary schools: Teachers’ views on recent changes
  • Cristiano Pesaresi, Davide Pavia, Multiphase procedure for landscape reconstruction and their evolution analysis. GIS modelling for areas exposed to high volcanic risk
  • Guy Mercier, Esquisse d’une théorie humaniste du lieu
  • Giorgia Iovino, Urban regeneration strategies in waterfront areas. An interpretative framework
  • Donatella Privitera, Sandro Privitera, Laboratory as experiment in field learning: An application in a touristic city

THE LANGUAGE OF IMAGES (Edited by Elisa Bignante and Marco Maggioli)

  • Cristiano Giorda, Giacomo Pettenati, Visual geographies and mountain psychogeographic drift. The geography workshops of the Childhood and Primary Teachers Education course of the University of Turin

MAPPING SOCIETIES (Edited by Edoardo Boria)

  • Laura Lo Presti, Maps In/Out Of Place. Charting alternative ways of looking and experimenting with cartography and GIS


  • Bruno Ratti, Geographic Knowledge. Paradigm of Society 5.0

TEACHINGS FROM THE PAST (Edited by Dino Gavinelli and Davide Papotti)

  • M. Aurousseau, The Geographical Study of Population Groups with comments by Maristella Bergaglio, Re-reading The Geographical Study of Population Groups by M. Aurousseau

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