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Periodico di Mineralogia Vol. 82, 2 – September 2013

di Antonio Gianfagna


  • Jaloul Bejaoui, Salah Bouhlel and Donatella Barca, Geology, Mineralogy and Fluid inclusions investigation of the Fluorite deposit at Jebel Kohol, northeastern Tunisia
  • Silvia Bracco, Anna Brajkovic, Angiolina Comotti and Vanda Rolandi, Characterization of Elephant and Mammoth Ivory by Solid State NMR
  • Franca Caucia, Luigi Marinoni, Alberto Leone, Ilaria Adamo, Investigation on the gemological, physical and compositional properties of some opals from Slovakia (“Hungarian” opals)
  • Abdolnaser Fazlnia and Abouzar Alizade, Petrology and geochemistry of the Mamakan gabbroic intrusions, Urumieh (Urmia), Iran: Magmatic development of an intra-oceanic arc
  • Paolo Fulignati, Vadim S. Kamenetsky, Paola Marianelli and Alessandro Sbrana, PIXE mapping on multiphase fluid inclusions in endoskarn xenoliths of AD 472 eruption of Vesuvius (Italy)
  • Alessandro Francesco Gualtieri, Carlotta Giacobbe, Caterina Rinaudo, Alessandro Croce, Mario Allegrina, Giovanni Gaudino, Haining Yang and Michele Carbone, Preliminary results of the spectroscopic and structural characterization of mesothelioma inducing crocidolite fibers injected in mice
  • Germana Barone, Nicola Bruno, Alessandro Giuffrida, Paolo Mazzoleni and Simona Raneri, Archaeometric investigation of a Late Roman marble statue from Kaucana (RG) with considerations on the diffusion of Thasos marble in Sicily
  • Francesca Castorina and Umberto Masi, REY and Sr-Nd isotopic ratios of acqua regia extracts to assess pedogenic processes and pollution in soils from Ravenna (north Italy)

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