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Periodico di Mineralogia Vol. 81,1 – April 2012

di Antonio Gianfagna



Baldanza A., Gioncada A. and Lezzerini M., Historical building stones of the western Tuscany (Italy): the Acquabona Limestones from Mts. Livornesi
Belfiore C.M., Fichera G.V., La Russa M.F., Pezzino A. and Ruffolo S.A., The Baroque architecture of Scicli (south-eastern Sicily): characterization of degradation materials and testing of protective products
Sansone M.T.C., Prosser G., Rizzo G. and Tartarotti P., Spinel-peridotites of the Frido Unit ophiolites (Southern Apennine-Italy): evidence for oceanic evolution
d’Antona M. and Masi U., The isotopic composition of nitrates from underground and surficial waters of Italy: a valuable tool for benefiting in the fight against pollution
Sansone M.T.C. and Rizzo G., Pumpellyite veins in the metadolerite of the Frido Unit (Southern Apennines – Italy)
Caucia F., Marinoni L., Bordoni V., Ghisoli C. and Adamo I., Physical and chemical properties of some italian opals
Montana G., Heinze C.E., Polito A.M. and Randazzo L., Archaeometric evidence attesting production of indigenous archaic pottery at Monte Polizzo (Western Sicily)
Marey Mahmoud H.H., Morphological, chemical and mineralogical characterization of deterioration products from the tomb of Kheruef (TT192), (Luxor, Egypt)


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Anno di edizione2012
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