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Periodico di Mineralogia Vol. 80, 2 – September 2011

di Antonio Gianfagna



  • Archaeometric characterization of amphorae and bricks of Imperial Age found in a roman villa near the Luzzi town (Cosenza, Calabria, Italy)
  • Structural and spectroscopic characterization of anorthite synthesized from secondary raw materials
  • Vein mineral assemblage in partially serpentinized peridotite xenoliths from Hyblean Plateau (south-eastern Sicily, Italy)
  • Cumulative cordieritite formation as a result of anatexis and melt expulsion. An example from the Chavanon sequence, Variscan French Massif Central
  • Volcanic geology and petrology of the Val Calanna succession (Mt. Etna, Southern Italy): discovery of a new eruptive center
  • A case study of alkali-silica reactions: petrographic investigation of paving deterioration
  • Chemical, mineralogical and petrographic characterization of Roman ancient hydraulic concretes cores from Santa Liberata, Italy, and Caesarea Palestinae, Israel 
  • Sulphate-arsenate exchange properties of Zn-Al layered double hydroxides: preliminary data

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ISBN Cartaceo9788861347472
Anno di edizione2011
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