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Journal of Mediterranean Earth Sciences Vol. VII

di Salvatore Milli



  • NABEEL HAMEED AL-SAIGH – Evidence of seismicity induced by water level changes at the Mosul Dam reservoir and implications on the hydraulic diffusivity
  • ANDREA BENEDETTI – Twin embryos in the larger benthic foraminifer Nephrolepidina praemarginata
  • FRANCESCO SCHIAVINOTTO – Nephrolepidina morgani (Lemoine and R. Douvillé, 1908) from the Oligo-Miocene of Decontra section (Majella, Central Apennines)
  • RUGGERO MATTEUCCI – Drifted Nautilus shells from the Bajuni Islands (southern Somali coast of Indian Ocean)
  • RICCARDO MANNI – Catalogue of the type fossils stored in the Palaeontological Museum of “ Sapienza” University of Rome

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Anno di edizione2016
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