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Journal of Mediterranean Earth Sciences Vol. VI

Special Issue 2014

di Salvatore Milli


The Langhe Sub-basin: Sedimentology and Tectono-Sedimentary Evolution (Tertiary Piedmont Basin, North-Western Italy)

The aim of this work is a revision of the stratigraphy of the Oligo-Miocene succession of the Roccaverano area (Langhe Sub-basin), located on the southern margin of the Tertiary Piedmont Basin, and a reconstruction of its structural setting and tectono-sedimentary evolution. A detailed field work and facies analysis of the local succession, coupled with a revision of the biostratigraphy, allowed us to revise the local stratigraphy of the basin, in order to shed new light on its depositional and geologic evolution. Recently, a new lithostratigraphy of the area has been introduced by Gelati and Gnaccolini (1998) and Gelati et al. (2010a, b) in the new Geological Sheet 211 Dego to scale 1:50000 of the “Carta Geologica d’Italia”. The stratigraphy and structural setting proposed by these Authors have been significantly updated in relation to the new data provided by this work.


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