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Best Practice 5

A tool to improve museum education internationally

di Emma Nardi, Cinzia Angelini (a cura di)


Emma Nardi, Cinzia Angelini, Introduction; Line Ali Chayder, Travelling with Art. A learning project for refugee children at Louisiana Museum of Modern Art; Sharon Chen, Kopi, Kueh and Culture; AI Ying Chin, Singapore’s Little Treasures: Innovation in museum and classroom practice for and by kindergarten teachers; Mila Milene Chiovatto, Denyse Emerich, Rafaella Fusaro, The Pinafamília Project; Arusyak Ghazaryan, Marine Haroyan, In the World of National Musical Instruments; Helen Lamotte, Alexandre Therwath, Orsay facile. Inclure les personnes déficientes intellectuelles dans l’élaboration de documents adaptés; Tatevik Shakhkulyan, Nairi Khatchadourian, Lullabies Singing Workshop; María Antonieta Sibaja Hidalgo, X72/Punto de reunion.


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ISBN Digitale9788868127312
ISBN Cartaceo9788868126889
Anno di edizione2016
Dimensioni17 × 24 cm
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